All ANP content flagged as ‘inappropriate’ in restricted mode by YouTube/Google, Doesn’t fit their liberal views

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 by

First thing this morning I saw a video by Paul Joseph Watson titled “My Last Ever Video,” where he discusses the blatant censorship by Google, via their YouTube channel, where conservative Independent Media has now been deemed “extremist.” Not 10 minutes after watching that video I see that one of Daboo’s video channels (Dahboo777)  had been deemed “inappropriate” by YouTube for users that have “restricted mode” turned on.

(Article by Susan Duclos from


Since search engine traffic and YouTube videos being monetized are all part of generating revenue to keep Independent Media websites in business, supporting the cost of the work we do and maintaining our sites, all forms censorship on the part of Google are meant for one purpose and one purpose only, to strangle Independent Media in an attempt to shut us all down, specifically those that lean to the right of the middle on the political spectrum.

So, I decided to see if our video channel, which is under my name because it is connected to Google which merges all accounts, was also being censored.

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